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CoCo - Being. Creative. Together.

A new way for educators to engage young people, anywhere, anytime, in...
  • Being.
  • Creative.
  • Together.
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CoCo is being developed with a lot of love and care by a tiny teamcurrently based at MIT in the Lifelong Kindergarten Research Group at the Media Lab.
Watch the video below to see CoCo in action
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sparks iconDiscover a world of new co-creative possibilities with CoCo

Realtime Co-Creation
• Build creative projects with peers in a shared digital space. • See others’ projects evolve in real-time. • Peek inside anyone's project for inspiration.
Community Corridors
• Create private or public corridors for your communities. • Host live co-creative spaces for members. • Explore or remix any past space.
Blocks / Text Co-Coding
• Co-code with peers in live block-based and text-based coding environments (built on top of Scratch and p5.js). • Support for other expressive programming languages in future.
Collaborative Projects
• Use signal blocks, waves, and shared variables to program together a variety of new collaborative experiences (multiplayer games, chain reactions, interactive animations...)
Co-Art and Co-Write
• Make art together in CoCo Canvas or write together in CoCo Stories. • Support for an open library of a variety of community-sourced co-creative environments in future.
Explore Live Remixing
• Discover the magic of live remixing. Simply drag and drop a piece of code or any digital asset from your friend's project into your own, and it will appear instantly in your project.
Built-in Video and Audio
• No separate video calling platform required. • Use live video to program together an endless variety of shared creative experiences with peers.
Self-less Social Platform
• No individual profiles, no separate project pages, no likes, no followers — no units of comparison. Just a peaceful place for being, creative, together.
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Feedback from playtest sessions
As an educator, the problems that we are trying to solve for, this is exactly it. This will be helpful both for our online and in-person workshops. We run thousands of workshops a year for youth and educators. I think this serves such a need!
Head of a large coding education nonprofit
So nice to be able to see how people's projects evolve in real time - when I saw something that struck me, I would jump into their project to see what was happening...and the ability to take code and assets from each other is amazing!
Lead at an online community for creative educators
I'm absolutely blown by the session, today. CoCo is just incredible! This is by far the closest thing I've had to sitting in a room with others and working on projects together. Just wow.
Learning Engineer / Educator during a remote session
Such a gift for children and educators.
Lead at an international learning network for schools
You've given us 5000 ideas to think about with this.
Learning Researcher / Designer

bulb iconLearn more about the motivations, ideas, and values underlying CoCo

We consciously chose to design the CoCo space as a shared digital space for co-creating projects in real-time and not necessarily for collaborating on the same project in real-time.

Collaboration often exclusively implies working together, but a 'shared space' more generally implies being together and hence is inclusive of collaboration as one of the ways of engaging with others but not the only way. There is no denying that collaborating with others can be a really joyful, productive, and energy-giving experience, but it does not always work well for everyone involved. The reasons can be many--not being able to learn and work at your own pace, not feeling comfortable to express yourself in the group, feeling or being judged, someone hogging the work, perceptions of unfairness in contributions and credit, and other negative feelings that can sometimes arise out this experience.

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We'll be sending out invites gradually over time as we build capacity. Thank you for your excitement, encouragement and patience!

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